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Friday, 22 August 2003
New Line has decided to release the extended versions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers — previously available only on DVD — to theaters in the weeks leading up to the premiere of the saga’s last installment, The Return of the King. Kick ass!
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Dan had this to say (08/22/2003 12:19:43):
Uh...hate to tell you differently, but extended versions are what DVDs, not theatres are made for. Name me ONE extended version of a movie, Directors cut, what have you, that is any better, not just longer than the one that was originally released. Not Apoclypse now, not ET, not anything I can think of. But I am open to suggestions. Theatres probably aren't gonna be too happy about it either---less showings per day for longer movies. It's just greed. More is not better, it's just more.
Byrne had this to say (08/22/2003 14:58:20):
I don't know, Apocalypse Now Redux was actually better IMHO. Some movies really do need to be longer, and LOTR is just some of them. But I am an avid fan, so horribly biased in this case.

In fact, I would argue to the contrary, DVDs should make some movies shorter! Producers must learn a lot from their audiences. Imagine if they went back and re-edited the movie so that it was, as you say, actually better, regardless of how frigg'n long it was. Now *that* is something worth a few extra bucks.
Laura had this to say (08/25/2003 10:10:07):
Brazil was much better in the director's cut. Although I haven't seen the original ending of 28 Days Later, I've heard enough about it to say I'd prefer it to the silly one in the first cinematic release. I'd say the uncut Abyss and Terminator 2 were both better than the cinematic release.

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