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Thursday, 24 February 2005
  • Whether you are on a hiking trip, day trip, athletic event, between classes, or at a board meeting, the BananaBunker will keep your fruit safe until you are ready to snack.
  • The Banana Guard currently comes in 9 colours, available online: Ravishing Red, Outrageous Orange, Mellow Yellow, Sublime Green, Skyhigh Blue, Brilliant Blue, Passionate Purple, Pretty in Pink, Glow in the Dark.
  • Our BanaBox is the perfect second skin for your bananas. Your days of worrying about smashed bananas in your bag are over.
Who volunteers to write a comparitive review of these products? Anybody?
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the lucky duck had this to say (02/24/2005 15:55:48):
And for the ultimate gift for that special someone, why not send the "Banana" Box? (Double quotes required.)
Hatchjaw had this to say (02/24/2005 16:02:43):
Capitalism: Continually helping people solve problems they didn't even know they had.
anna banana had this to say (02/24/2005 16:25:36):
ha! "Pamper your banana"

i love it.
dorcas had this to say (02/25/2005 13:47:09):
and if your banana wants to just lounge around and be lazy, look to the banana hammock to pamper your beloved yellow fruit.

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