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Monday, 11 July 2005
Here we have a list of the “Leatherman Micra, and I have to admit that thing looks pretty damned sweet, but I am fond of my smaller, simpler Swiss-Teck Utili-Key. It’s saved my butt more than once. Check.
  • $150+ jeans. Not $150, no. But I have spent three figures on a pair of jeans, and it was worth it.
  • $200+ dress shoes. Again, no. I have nice dress shoes, but they didn’t have the inflated price tag that would make me a true winner.
  • 300-thread-count cotton sheets. No. But I did buy a new down comforter just yesterday. The bed gets the attention it needs.
  • The Joy of Cooking. Yes. A copy liberated from my ex! Check.
  • [There’s also J-Walk Blog.]
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    dorcas had this to say (07/12/2005 13:27:51):
    ah-ha! i was wondering who had my cookbook. :)

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