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Monday, 09 August 2004
This is apparently making the rounds today, as I spotted it at both the J-Walk Blog and this morning. Shopsin’s is a New York City diner that has the most extensive, all-inclusive, wacky, eleven-page menu you’ve ever seen. I am so definitely stopping in the next time I’m in New York. Looks like a Downtown 1 or 9 to Houston St. will get me there…
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katya had this to say (08/10/2004 09:29:44):
Talk about a menu you could play "Where's Waldo?" with...
Imagine the binder they must have in the kitchen on how to make each dish.
Ignatz Ratsywatsky had this to say (08/11/2004 13:47:50):
My top ten Shopsin menu items

10. Shrimp lefse

9 "The Kathy" --3 raspberry macaroni and cheese pancakes

8 Pumpkin pie milkshake

7. Atomic fireballs--hard boiled eggs, bbq injected, fried, grits

6 Detroit Egg Cream

5. Krakatoa brunch combo platter--eggs, sausage volcano, shred, potato, lava sauce, toast

4. Ebelskivers

3.Karma Roll--- fresh spinach chutney in an Indian non-dairy crepe

2. Portobella Cashew soup

and the Number 1 Shopsin's menu item is;

1 Post modern pancakes.

And sorry, bub. No Coke, Pepsi.

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