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Wednesday, 23 March 2005
Not since the war started has there been a story in the news that has upset and angered me as much as the goings-on revolving around poor Terri Schiavo. I’m not going to offer my own rant here; instead, I’ll link to three truly fine takes on the situation, all spot-on, all worth reading: Jon Carroll, Dahlia Lithwick, Get Your War On.
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dorcas had this to say (03/23/2005 16:13:25):
thank you for making my afternoon. i haven't read "get your war on" in way too long. it's lines like, "if pulling out a feeding tube after fifteen years is starving someone to death, pulling up a zipper is castration," that makes this comic strip tha shit. right on!

now where can i get me a magical word fist to punch w. upside the head?
Arin had this to say (03/23/2005 17:02:05):
You won't rant, so I will. This weekend President Bush said, "I believe that in a case such as this, the legislative branch, the executive branch, ought to err on the side of life, which we have. And now we'll watch the courts make their decisions."

"Err on the side of life." That sounds nice. But Bush's record on erring hardly emphasizes life, let alone the power of the courts to hear appeals on its behalf: In six years as Texas governor, Bush presided over 152 executions and denied 29 pleas for clemency, one from Terry Washington, a mentally retarded 33-year-old man with the communication skills of a 7-year-old.

One of these days, maybe I'll complete my tinker-toy 3D diagram ranking the values of one life over another according to George W. Bush.

katya had this to say (03/28/2005 13:18:45):
Arin, you should get an award for Best. Comment. Ever.

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