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Tuesday, 18 January 2005
There is a fantastic and lengthy documentary series about the Civil Rights Movement called Eyes on the Prize. I am lucky enough to have seen most of it during my public-school education. It’s an amazing piece of work that drives home to “the kids today” just how different America was prior to the social upheaval of the 1960s, and how hard that entire fight was.

Alas, due to the way that our unbalanced system of copyright and “intellectual property” laws function, you pretty much can’t see this amazing educational material anymore. And this isn’t the only bit of our history that big corporations are walling off. There’s more in a great article at the Globe and Mail. The Washington Post has more, but they’ll make you register to read it.

[of course, BugMeNot can help you with the WaPo; this material spotted at Copyfight]
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katya had this to say (01/21/2005 09:20:12):
There are times you bring up a good point or link to a story that is very interesting, and I have nothing profound to say, but want you to know that I liked your entry. This is one of those times.
katya had this to say (02/08/2005 09:29:21):
Just in case you didn't see this in today's paper:
katya had this to say (10/02/2006 17:54:09):
Today's San Jose Mercury News (I admit this is the paper I read now; I read the SF Chron online) has an article about "Eye on the Prize," and brings up a lot of the copyright problems you mention. Here's a link (you'll need to register):

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