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mahna mahna .net
portrait of the artist

Matthew E. Newton

coder. writer. seeker. tinkerer. artist. geek.

oakland resident and overall san francisco bay area enthusiast.

married to the sweetest woman i've ever met.

web developer at university development and alumni relations, u.c. berkeley.

passions: finnegans wake. the beatles. the dharma. burning man. the new york city subway. guacamole. neal stephenson. travel. the dandy warhols. linux. baseball. india. drupal. nonviolence. clear desert skies at night. people who are kind. martinis. digital freedom. intimate gazes. riceless burritos. amsterdam. bowie. beaches. radiohead. clyfford still. nonviolent communication. classic volkswagens. kubrick. exploring on foot. the power of now. cal football. guinness. mame. rothko. faulkner. technology. nature. life.

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