photograph of the site's owner

Birthday self-portrait, 2022.

Matthew E. Newton

Coder. Writer. Tinkerer. Artist. Geek.

Lifelong Californian. Bay Area resident and enthusiast since 1993. Proud Oaklandlander since 2002.

In 2011, I married the sweetest woman I’ve ever met.

As a third-grader in the early 80s, I was put in front of a marvelous machine called an Apple IIe. I was taught to program in BASIC and Logo, and fell in love with teaching computers to do things. In 1995, I fell in love again, when I published a home page on a new communications medium called the World Wide Web. I’ve made my living building websites (and more recently, web applications) since 2000. These days, I do it for University Development and Alumni Relations at UC Berkeley. (That site is not an example of my work; is my most recent public-facing project.)

Some of my passions: Rock and roll. Baseball. Subways. Clear desert skies at night. Most any sandy shoreline. People who are kind. Finnegans Wake. Clyfford Still. Tool. The deli sandwiches in New York. The burritos in San Diego. Exploring on foot. The Buddha’s dharma. My ’68 Volkswagen Beetle. A fine cocktail. And of course, computers of all shapes and sizes, and the World Wide Web.

Come election time, I provide a guided tour of California’s statewide ballot propositions over at Mad Props, a labor of love since 2008.

All original material on this site, including text, images, and audio, is copyrighted © 2001-2022 by me, Matthew Newton, and published under a Creative Commons License.

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