Turn Turn Turn

me @ 33Last year, I took my birthday off from work. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you can, you should take your birthday off. Period. And do what you want to do. Which, today, I did. And it was wonderful.

Among a great many other things, I returned, for the first time in years, to a place that fills me with great wonder and great emotion, a place that is, in many ways, my own personal Dark Tower. I stood at the gate today and I commanded it to open to me. It opened. And the end of the story is one that I keep to myself, but I tell you this: As with any really good ending, it was really more of a beginning.

Ka is a wheel.”

— Roland Deschain, of Gilead

To all who showered me with gifts and great, great love today, I say thankya.

[In late 2007, I read Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, all seven volumes, in very quick succession. It continues to resonate in my consciousness. It is a stunning work of art. More on this to come. There will be posts. Aye, there will be posts again soon. Happy New Year to all!]