Sunday Sun

Today, Beck played the Greek Theater on the campus of my alma mater. It was an absolutely glorious, crystalline summer day. Blue skies. Slight breeze coming in off the bay, making the eucalyptus trees that ring the theater dance.

We — me plus DS and ED — sat dead center, less than a dozen rows behind the soundboard, which makes for great fucking sound. As we left the show, DS asked Soundboard Guy for his copy of the setlist, which was gladly given. It reads:

Mixed Bizness
Thunder Peel
New Pollution
Get Real Paid
Nicotine & Gravy
Lazy Flies
Guess I'm Doin Fine
Lost Cause
Lonesome Tears
Cold Brains
Paper Tiger
Hot Wax
Milk & Honey
Hollywood Freaks
Where It's At
Hot in Here
Golden Age
All in Your Mind
Sunday Sun

“Devil’s” was, of course, “Devil’s Haircut,” and a fantastic way to go out with a bang. “Hot in Here” was actually a cover of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” although I never would have known that if my friends hadn’t filled me in. I maintain that this is simply a function of my never listening to corporate radio and, having no cable, never watching MTV. I am told, however, that even taken together, these two don’t form a valid excuse: that “Hot in Herre” has been everywhere for so long that it is unconscionable that I am not at least cursorily familiar with it. What can I say? I’m a loser, baby.

This “official” setlist is actually incomplete. They played Prince’s “Erotic Village” before covering Nelly, and at one point Beck played a truncated, acoustic version of “Debra.” There may have been another acoustic song tossed in there that wasn’t part of the battle plan.

This was the first time I’d ever been in the Greek for anything unrelated to Cal. (I’m there every year for the Big Game Bonfire, and my graduation ceremony was held at the Greek.) It makes for a pretty good show venue. They set up a “beer garden” on the grass, so I enjoyed a couple of brews before the show. The sunshine, as Beck observed, was fantastic. At another point, he remarked that he’s had films playing on the wall behind the band on most stops for this tour; given the time of day and the venue for this gig, all they had up there was a bunch of ferns. I didn’t feel like we were missing out. The surroundings were just beautiful. It was an amazing afternoon of pure, unadulterated fresh air and rock-and-roll.