Fiona, Freed

Many of my geek friends chastise me for my love of certain pat phrases about technology, like “the Internet changes everything” and “information wants to be free.” Thing of it is, these two in particular keep proving themselves true over and over again.

Case in point: Fiona Apple‘s new album, Extraordinary Machine. Or perhaps I shouldn’t call it “new,” since work on it apparently wrapped up more than two years ago. But then Fiona’s label, Sony, decided that none of her new work was radio-friendly, and thus they refused to spend money publishing and promoting the work. So Extraordinary Machine has sat collecting dust.

Some Fiona fans have been working on a grassroots effort to get Sony to release the material, but in the past week, something else has happened. All the music in question has been leaked — a lot of it going out over the airwaves of KNDD 107.7 in Seattle, apparently — and now you can grab your own complete copy of Extraordinary Machine online: Just ask your favorite Torrent search engine where to go. (Here’s a link that works for now.)

Information wants to be free, and in the digital age, music is just another form of information. And yes, the Internet changes everything: It can even make the art-hostile decisions of a moneygrubbing megacorp irrelevant.

[How’s the album? So far, sounds like stuff Fiona fans like me will enjoy…]