We Are These Changes (or, Good News Indeed)

It doesn’t get much better than when one of your favorite musicians gives you a sudden and unexpected dose of the spiritual truths you hold dear:

autumn leaves And she spoke unto me, saying:
‘Fear not the movement of the heavens above
Or the earth below
For change is what we are, my child!
Righteous are those who look up and sway with the wind,
Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides,
Who seek the truth around them and discover,
We are and have always been in paradise —
The reflections of heaven on earth! Amen!’

And she spoke again, saying:
‘Know, my child, that there is no devil
Seeking to cause guilt nor harm to men.
No evil save blind faith, ignorance,
And the desire for the unprepared to blame others
For the devastation left in the wake of change.
Change, my child!
Change is in the heavens!
Change is on this earth!
Change is all around us,
And we are reflections of the divine!
We must roll with these changes,
For we
are these changes.
Eyes wide open, we must look upon the heavens as a mirror,
Wide awake, aware, deeply breathing.
And when the shit comes down, my child,
You will be there, a true and holy survivor,
To inherit the kingdom of God!’

— from “Sour Grapes” by Puscifer
(words apparently by Brother Maynard)