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Things are quiet around here cuz I’m struggling to get some proper photo gallery functionality up and running. I haven’t liked any of the scripts I’ve tried thus far, and am probably going to have to learn a bit of PHP so I can hack a bit on the one that’s closest to what I want. More content — including pics from my recent trip overseas — shall spill forth once this bit of site tinkering is done.

…And We’re Back

Greetings, readers. I’ve been absent cuz the machine just plumb ran out of steam at the end of the year, and though it’s now running again, it’s not quite yet up to full speed.

I have, however, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. In 2003, green was appropriate: Something was growing. Now, something may be taking flight, so I’ve wrapped things up in blue.

Census Time

I’d like to humbly beg my readership’s indulgence, for I need to ask a favor. I’ve got some traffic-reporting software running here on, and I’m not sure I can believe what it is telling me. Therefore:

If you are a regular (or semi-regular) reader of this blog, I implore you to take twenty seconds out of your day and add a comment (content not important) to this entry. If you wish to remain an anonymous lurker-type, please consider posting a comment under a pseudonym. This is honor system stuff, obviously: Please post just one comment. But please, play this dumb little game just this once, so I can get a real handle on how many people are reading.

I thank you all in advance. Now let’s see that “comments” number climb.

Does This Page Look Right to You?

This site is now generated by HTML code that contains no <table> tags whatsoever, but instead lays everything out via CSS positioning. (If you know what that is, you probably understand why I’ve affected this transition, and why it is a Good Thing. If you don’t, you’d likely be bored by the explanation.)

Please email me or attach a comment to this posting if the site now displays funny in your browser. Let me know what browser you’re running, what version you’ve got, and what platform you’re on. I want everyone to be able to hear me loud and clear.

Department of Etymology

Hatchjaw wrote in asking what the hell a “museyroom” is. My non-answer is, the word appears on page 10 of Finnegans Wake. (Say it out loud slowly for one shade of meaning; break it apart into its constituent parts for more. This is part of how you play the game that is Finnegans Wake.)

While we are on the subject, a limited-time exhibit has been added to the museyroom.