Yours Truly on Django Chat

Last year, my colleague Mohammed Shamma tweeted about a project I’d completed using Django, Wagtail, and HTMX. One thing led to another, and now there’s an episode of the Django Chat podcast out there in the world that features Mohammed and me as guests. We talk briefly about how we came to be web developers before moving on to how and why our team embraced this excellent trio of technologies, and how we use them to get our jobs done at UC Berkeley.

I have listened to this podcast for most of its run, so it felt pretty surreal to actually be a part of it. I’d never done anything like this before, so it also felt a little scary, but Carlton and Will are excellent hosts who put their guests at ease. Listening to my episode, I am (as ever) mortified by the true sound of my own voice, but, happily, pleased with what I had to say, so I’m calling this one a win!